Exploring the Nutritional & Health Benefits of Green Chilli Jam

Benefits of green chilli jam

Exploring the Nutritional & Health Benefits of Green Chilli Jam

Green chilli is essential in most dishes. It can enhance the flavour of continental, Indian, Chinese, and other cuisines within seconds. However, this food ingredient is innately spicy. It is meant to add a burning tinge to every food item you blend it with. If you’ve ever thought of green chilli, but sweeter, green chilli jam is your go-to snack add-on. It’s a rich concoction of sweetness and the laser-sharp flavour of green chilli.

Read on to know about the pairings that bode best with green chilli jam and its many health benefits you can enjoy.

Concoct the best snacks in just a few minutes

  • Add it to the gravy: Ever had a seemingly dry and dull gravy? Here’s a quick hack to fix that. Grab a jar of green chilli jam and add a spoonful to the gravy. It will instantly uplift the flavour of the gravy and give you a spicy kick with a subtle sweet after-flavour.
  • Improvise a stellar pasta sauce: If you’re bored with the regular tomato, cheese, and vegetable flavour of the pasta sauce, here’s a trick to make it fun. While making the pasta sauce, add a generous amount of green chilli jam to your pasta. Mixed with the sweet undertones of pasta, the new sauce will take your tastebuds for a spin.
  • Add a fun layer of jam to your dessert: Add a splash of green chilli jam to your mixture before cooking. Do this if you’re making a chocolate cake and want to spin a fun twist. Another way to do this is to add a layer of green chilli jam to level up your dessert.
  • Tangy marinade: Incorporate your cooking style and incorporate green chilli jam into your meal. If you have a mango chutney nearby, fuse it with the jam for a delicious bite. Have it with chicken for the perfect homemade tangy chicken marinade.
  • Spice up your hot chocolate: If you’re not one with a sweet tooth, the green chilli jam will be a lifesaver. You no longer have to settle for a sweet hot chocolate or a pumpkin spice. Improvise your favourite winter special drink with green chilli jam mixed into it.

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