Make the Best Out of Chilli Lime Chutney, A Classic Favourite

Chilli Lime Chutney

Make the Best Out of Chilli Lime Chutney, A Classic Favourite

Chilli lime chutney has become a must-have dressing in many kitchens, especially in Perth, WA. The hotness of the chilli and the tangy flavour of lime make this chutney the most versatile condiment in different meals. Besides the common uses, there are a variety of other ways to feature this chutney in your cooking inventory. Let us delve into some unexpected yet fascinating uses of chilli lime chutney for Perth WA residents.

1.    Boost Your Seafood Dishes

Seafood dishes pair well with chilli lime chutney which adds freshness and spiciness to bring out the natural tastes of fish. For example, a chilli-lime fish dish can make up a quick but highly flavorful meal. Just pan-fry white fish chunks until flaky and coat them in sticky spicy lime sauce. This technique draws inspiration from Thai street food culture by blending flavours like heat and tang.

2.    Make Interesting Appetisers

Are you hosting an event or looking for something unique for an appetiser? Try making chilli-lime shrimp appetisers instead! The combination of shrimp with avocado, fresh veggies and chilli-lime dressing on a crunchy base such as tortilla chips creates an explosion of flavours with every bite. These are easy-to-make starters that you can prepare well in advance to ensure they delight your visitors.

3.    Get Creative with Your Salad

You can turn a plain salad into a gourmet delight by including chilli-lime chutney in it. You can also mix it with chicken or potato salads to give them an extra depth of taste, using just a little bit of curry powder. These salads are made special by the addition of this piquant and tangy condiment that balances out their creamy textures.

4.    Marinate Meats in Many Ways

If you use chilli lime chutney as a marinade, your meat will acquire a stronger taste. The meat gets softened by the marinade as it imparts its hot yet acidic flavour especially when grilling chicken, beef or pork. Apply the chutney on the meat at the end of cooking time for a nice glaze.

Bottom Line

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